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Tinplate printing packaging technology trends toward high-tech.
       As digital processing technology about tinplate printing and tin making continues to mature, currently there emerges in the network-based tinplate printing and tin making technology a major technological revolution, i.e. computer tinplate printing (CTP) directly developed on computer without films or called direct digitalized CTP. Simply put, images are formed on mold plates through directly spraying a layer of coating via computer, along with printing down and development of such spray. As the world has geared towards the major characteristics of knowledge, information, network and digitalization as people’s living standards enhance along the way, the demands on network-based printing products have also emerged heavily. That is the direct scanning technology for tinplate printing and tin making. Under this emerging technology, computer is pre-utilized to calculate the angle of screen dot, thickness and density of the spraying material along with the degree of exposure to light, prior to printing down and development to shape up the scanned images directly.
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