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Wujiang District Leadership visited Suzhou Huayuan for conveying blessings
On February 14th, 2016, accompanied by Mr. Chen Zhaolin the Head of Taoyuan Town and Mr. Shen Weiyong the deputy Party Committee Secretary of Taoyuan Town along with fellow personnel, Mr. Bian Rujing a member of the Standing Committee of district committee and a political commissar of the People’s Armed Force Department in Wujiang District, Mr. Zhou Xuelin the Deputy Director of NPC (National People's Congress) in Wujiang District, Mr. Wu Xueming an assistant researcher of CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) in Wujiang District and other district committee leaders came to visit Suzhou Huayuan during the early spring. During their visit, the District leadership has an informal discussion with the Chairman Mr. Li Bingxing along with related managerial personnel.
During the discussion, Mr. Bian Rujing along with his fellow visitors inquired about the Company’s production, operation and development in details, caring tremendously for the future development of Suzhou Huayuan, while wishing Suzhou Huayuan the best as their New Year wishes and greetings to us. The district leadership also encourages Suzhou Huayuan to continue to strengthen the independent innovation, focus on product research and development, and enhance market competitiveness, so that Suzhou Huayuan may “scale new heights” in years to come while making new contributions to the economic and social development in Wujiang District.

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