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Huayuan Packaging – A leading metal packaging solutions provider has successfully landed the A-share stock market.
On December 31st, 2015, Suzhou Huayuan Packing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huayuan Packaging, under the stock code: 002787) successfully landed on the Small and Medium Enterprise Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, launching a new chapter for the development of the Company. The new Huayuan Packaging shares issued this time do not exceed 35.2 million shares with issue price of RMB¥11.37 Yuan per share. These shares were listed on the first day at opening price of RMB¥14.37 Yuan and at closing price of RMB¥16.37 Yuan, making 43.98% gain on a single day.
Since its establishment, Huayuan Packaging has been engaged in the production and sales of high-performance metal container packaging products, mainly providing supporting services for the enterprises of world’s leading coating brands and domestic well-known food companies. Equipped with the technology, production and service capacities covering the entire industrial chain from product design, mold development, smooth cutting, coated printing, tin making production to equipment modification, technology design, Huayuan Packing makes one of the few technical service-oriented enterprises covering the complete industrial chain in China’s metal packaging industry. 
As an important part of China's packaging industry, metal packaging industry is predicted to continue to maintain a rapid pace of development in the next five years according to the Metal Container Committee under the China Packaging Federation. During “the Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the growth rate of the China's metal packaging industry averaged more than 8%. Till 2015, the metal packaging industry revenue is expected to reach nearly RMB¥100 billion Yuan.
As a leader in the metal packaging industry, Huayuan Packaging is ushering in a huge opportunity for development when facing with such a huge market demand. Using the opportunity of stock shares issued this time, the Company intends to use funds raised to further expand production capacity, so as to consolidate the Company’s leading role in the metal packaging field while continuously improving and expanding the product mix and market layout. Meanwhile, aiming at product innovation and brand operation while seeking specific development on dedicated segments as gate to breakthrough, Huayuan strives to make the Company the industry leader with the most core competiveness in the sub-segments within three to five years while aiming to ultimately become a green packaging leader and a leading metal packaging solutions provider worldwide. At Huayuan, we are here to make efforts to bring economic and social benefits worth the wait to our shareholders, employees and investors, as well to make greater contributions to promote the transformation and development of the local economy. 

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