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The Seventh Membership Conference of China Packaging Federation
During September 1st to 7th, 2011, the Seventh Membership Representative Conference and the 2011 Annual Working Meeting for the Metal Container Committee of the China Packaging Federation were held in Kunming, Yunnan. Chairman Mr. Li Bingxing and Chief Engineer Mr. Shen Hua both attended the Convention.

At the Convention, Kunming municipal government congratulated the holding of the Convention, Mr. Shi Wanpeng the President of China Packaging Federation made an important address, and Mr. Zhang Hong the Secretary General of the Metal Container Committee made a work report on the Convention. A new committee was also elected at the Convention where President Mr. Li was elected as Vice Chairman.
Symposium, workshop and other activities also took place during the Convention. More than a dozen of business organs exchange with other participants the results of their respective professional fields as well as their prospects of the future of the industry. Chief Engineer Mr. Shen Hua also made a presentation entitled "The Application of Photo-curing during the Process of Metal Printing".

Chairman Mr. Shi Wanpeng’s Address

Work report by Sectary General Mr. Zhang Hong 
General Manager Mr. Li was elected as the Vice Chairman of the Committee

On January 14th, the Company was honored with “the Best PPG Supplier of the Year Award” as well as “the Best PPG Strategic Partner of the Year Award”.
General Manager Mr. Li delivered a speech about award acceptance on the stage. 

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