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   Excellence is our consistent aim. To fulfill the purpose, any details throughout design, sampling and technological process determining the quality and the efficiency are to be attached with great emphases and supported with enormous resources in order for the Company to sustain continuous innovation and development which in essence to be critical for the survival of the Company. To solidify the foundation for the development of the Company, we continue to optimize product equipment, enhance product grade and constantly develop new products, to better and faster serve our customers. The success behind Huayuan comes from the improvement and perfection on every detail, as well as from the pursuit of quality and making of the excellence. Remain highly professional, the Company is faithful to innovation and loyal to credibility and customers. Through tireless exploitation and sustainable development, the Company's success has best demonstrated our culture in believing in such outcome that such persistence may bring us about.

Vision: Be the world's leading packaging solutions provider;
Mission: Reciprocal partnership for common development; exquisite packaging for quality life;
Core values: Loyalty to quality, braveness for innovation, advancement of technology, realism for practicality!



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