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Enterprise's Social Responsibilities

    Since its establishment in 1998, Huayuan Packaging has been upholding integrity management and self-discipline, adhering to the concept of "exquisite packaging for quality life", and taking in a realistic, practical, pioneering and innovative approach. Not only seriously taking the Company's social responsibilities, but also actively bearing the Company's commitment to the society, environment, customers and employees, Huayuan Packaging strives to maintain the rapid yet healthy development while bringing about the positive moves for the community as well as devoting to the sustainable development of the society, economy and nature and environment.

    Founded nearly two decades ago as a enterprise for producing metal packaging containers, mainly high-end chemical tanks and technical tanks, Huayuan Packaging always puts people first, requiring employees to operate in strict accordance with procedures during the production process as the employees working safety and physical health make the primary considerations.
    The month of June in each year is designated as "Safety Production Month" by the Company where the workshop shall be a safe production platform; the managerial personnel shall abide by the principle of "production and safety go hand in hand"; and the employees shall change the attitude from "safety is behind my back" to "safety is in front of my eyes". Altogether, it is aimed to construct a security management mechanism covering the whole staff, the entire process, and the all-around aspects. Also, co-ordination for better working environment and examination for optimization of production process are undertaken to eliminate any factors possibly causing harms to personnel during the production process; thus ensuring that employees work in a safe and healthy environment.
    Periodically the Company carries out HSE management audits to establish a mechanism of highly self-discipline, self-improvement and self-motivation. Such mechanism helps organize employees in implementing production risk analysis; emphasize prevention of accidents in advance and embracement of improvement throughout production; and take effective prevention means and control measures to reduce any personal injury, property damage and environmental pollution that may incur.

    As always been actively involved in energy conservation and environmental protection activities, the Company has also been committed to the establishment of high standards of environment, health and product safety criterion during production operation activities. Great efforts have been made by the Company in providing partners with environmentally friendly products of low-energy consumption. 
    Through the implementation of a number of technological transformation programs, the Company has promoted the energy conservation and the reduction of the energy consumption for themselves, accelerating the progress of energy saving technologies while completing the energy-saving goals as determined in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" outline. During the Company's daily operation, production and product development, environmental protection factors are taken into consideration to minimize the environmental impact. R&D and technological transformation activities have taken place: for example, VVVF devices are installed on the hot blast furnaces of major energy-consuming equipment; overhauls are undertaken on the imported single- or double-color press according to production technological requirements; traditional tinplate-printing production line drying room are transformed into drying production lines of UV curing devices. 
    Furthermore, in proactive response to the government's implementation of scientific development concept, i.e. to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and to realize the sustainable development requirements, the Company has compiled the clean production audit report which is subsequently approved under government audit. In addition, the Company has also participated in the evaluation and selection of the "Star of Energy Efficiency" activity held in Suzhou City. Overall, the Company has been relentlessly persistent on increasing energy efficiency, promoting energy saving and consumption reduction, enhancing environmental protection performance, and improving the Company's environmental management system. 
    Over years of efforts dedicated in promoting environmental protection, the Company has gradually been recognized and praised by the outside world. In 2009, the Company was named as "Advanced enterprise of energy saving and emission reduction" by Wujiang Municipal People's Government whereas in 2010, the Company was awarded with "Blue rating for the industrial enterprise's environmental behavior" by Wujiang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. The honor of such awards has served as the great inspiration for the Company to further promote any environmental protection for years to come.

    At Huayuan, employees are the Company's upmost asset. Other than providing employees with a safe and healthy work environment in which team spirit is encouraged whilst outstanding performance at the work is rewarded, the Company has also focused on open communication with employees, thus forming a consensus "striving for mutual understanding with respect" among the employees. 
    Ultimately, it is believed that competition among enterprises is in parallel with their competition on talents; therefore, the Company is committed to providing ongoing learning and training opportunities for employees to help further develop their skills in many aspects and enhance their comprehensive quality. From June to September 2010, the Company had sent nine groups of employees to tin-making factories in Honshu, Japan for the purpose of job training. Later in December 2010, a certificate presentation ceremony was held for employees who were on the Honshu learning tour earlier that year. Through communication with world-class tin-making enterprises, the Company has made significant progress in tinplate printing, tin making and mold development where not only the technical levels of R&D team and R&D personnel have enhanced, but also the Company's collaboration ability in integrating practice, academy and research has been elevated. Finally, the company also actively encourages employees to participate in on-job trainings, periodically conducting re-education and re-training for employees.

    Reputation is the Company's second life, the Company has hence been providing high-quality stable products to customers and society for years by strictly securing quality control. With respect to the ISO9001 quality management system, the Company has further been certified by ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001. Meanwhile, the Company has been awarded with "Suzhou Municipal Quality Award", "Suzhou Brand-Name Product", "Jiangsu Provincial Brand-Name Product" and other awards. In 2011, by the Metal Container Committee of the China Packaging Federation, the Company was proudly selected as the benchmarking enterprise for the chemical tank industry.
    After years of sound business development, Huayuan Group has now more than 1,000 employees who have all been provided with a safe and healthy work environment along with promotion prospects and job opportunities ahead of them. The company has made their contributions to the economic development of the society by lawfully paying the taxes required. In 2008 to 2012, the Company had continuously been named honorably as "Wujiang District Top 100 Enterprises" and "Wujiang District Major Taxpayer" by Wujiang District People's Government.

    Since its establishment in 1998, the Company has undergone stable operation thanks to concerns and assistance by the Government and neighboring residents. As a member of the community, the wealth the Company has created comes from the society; therefore, the Company is to come up with part of the proceeds to repay the society during the process of profit making. It is also our hope not only that more people in need get helped via a variety of public service activities, but also that more people may join the public service activities via the impact we have created to the society as a whole through our practical actions in social welfare.  
    After the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, with love and actions, the Company had helped people in disaster areas rebuild their homes. In addition to the Company's donation to the Chinese Red Cross immediately after the earthquake, our employees also made a great deal of donations for the disaster areas.
    The Company also plays an active role in supporting the local community construction; for example, the Government of Jiuliqiao Village of Taoyuan Town has repeatedly received our donations for infrastructure construction in Jiuliqiao Village. Last but not least, in every summer, the Company has been receiving a large number of students for internship to help them complete the transition from students to employees, as well help them accumulate practical experience prior to their entering into the society in the future. In 2010, the Company was proudly named as "Wujiang Municipal Youth Novitiate Base". 
     To widely consolidate resources out of love, to enhance cohesion within the Company, and to enhance the awareness of social service for our employees, in 2011 the Company set up the "Huayuan Love Fund", the sources of which come from contributions made jointly by our employees and the Company to lend a helping hand to people in need, either employees of the Company or people in the community.
    In addition to cooperation with colleges and universities to carry out researches, the Company also actively supports the cause of higher education to help students successfully complete their studies. In 2011, the Company set up the "Huayuan Packaging Scholarship" at the Food Engineering School of Jiangnan University where yearly RMB¥50,000 scholarship is to be released to outstanding undergraduate students. Furthermore, the Taoyuan Town Central Primary School received a batch of computers from us as a token to support the modernization of education for local teachers.

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