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The Company of solidarity, cooperation and progress

  *  The Company is committed to building a learning-oriented organization team, driving the whole team to enhance overall quality through mutual learning and inspiration among employees.
  *  Every employee is to respond patiently to every request for help in details.
  *  Every employee is to serve as teacher for one another.
  *  No complicated party grouping of any sort of social networks shall be witnessed within the Company. Situated in an environment of fraternity and mutual assistance, employees hence may put 100 % of their energy into work without distraction.
  * Sharing tears and laughters with each other, employees may never feel solitary or helpless as hard working is synonymous with success under cohesive team work.

The Company of employee team first


  *  The Company's success comes from 1% of luck and 99% of joint efforts made by our employees; hence the Company regards its employees as the most important asset.
  *  With various business and quality trainings open to all employees, employees of supreme excellence may even be granted with enhanced business trainings.
  *  Sufficient encouragement and help are given to employees who temporarily lag behind without being easily dumped as the Company is not intended to leave anyone behind.
  *  In accordance with laws, regulations and relevant provisions of local government, social insurance and housing fund are set up for employees.

    For any one of you with managerial, technological or R&D abilities and skills, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply click and download the Employee Resume below prior to sending the copy filled with information and indicated with "Huayuan Employment Application" to


    Employee Resume


    It is more complex to choose a company than to choose a mobile phone. A good company may serve as the vehicle to bring the smart ones to the top in no time as well as to bring about multifold of rewards to the diligent ones. With the right employees and the right company, each party is just a step away from the success.




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