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Research and Development Center The Technical Research and Development Center of Huayuan Packaging was founded in 2008 and later recognized as Suzhou Enterprise Technical Center (hereinafter referred to as the "Center") in 2010.

   Oriented on independent innovation, aiming at the Company’s sustainable existence and development, the Center has been realistic and practical, pioneering and

innovative while striving to enhance the market competitiveness of the Company and to promote the continuous improvement
of production technology in the metal packaging industry. Since its establishment, the Center has undertaken over forty
of various projects, contributing significantly to the Company in terms of improving product quality and performance,
safety and security features of new products, automation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. The Center has
also boasted its research results which have helped shape up multiple new technologies or patent various new products, as
well which have led the industry from the front, and some of which even have reached or exceeded advanced international

    The Center has established a complete management and quality control standard system, a complete project research

and development process and a complete information management system. In addition, the Centre is equipped with advanced
software and hardware facilities, including the use of advanced professional CAD computer design system; and the setup of
advanced machining center, test inspection center and mold heat treatment center. Our product development has always
adhered to the strategies of high grade, high quality and user-centricity, advocating the service ideas of innovation,
practicality, excellence and simplicity. Overall, the Center has played an important role in elimination of the backward
technology, in acceleration of the automation process, and in energy conservation, consumption reduction, technology
management, personnel training, intellectual property rights, etc.

      With solid technical force, the Center currently houses a technical R&D team of professional talents, industrial experts,among other senior engineers,
in the technologies of digital control, mechatronics, automation and metal printing. The R&D team is characterized by
personnel of rejuvenation in specific specialties.
    Due to the active diversified development when it comes to professional training, the Center has provided a
wide array of opportunities and platforms for employees to fully realize their potential. Furthermore, training
proposals and goals are developed not only to equip the employees with high level of professional skills, but also to
infuse them with higher comprehensive quality.
    Strong R&D capabilities have been shaped up as the Center establishes the stable cooperative relationship with
foreign technical experts or top groups in the same industry where respective advantages are fully utilized;
consequently, products with or above the advanced international level have been developed year in and year out. In
terms of development of new products and new technologies, the service ideas of innovation, practicality, excellence
and simplicity are advocated by the Center; and the product development strategies of high grade, high quality and
user-centricity are adhered to by the Center. Over time, there are a series of security and safety products developed
which have gained ubiquitous applaud from customers of all directions.
    Overall, with the ever increasing R&D abilities, with the first-class professional technical team and with
the complete hardware facilities equipped, the Center has proudly achieved fruitful results. In achieving the Company's
goals in the future, the Center is committed to carrying forward the good work, delving further into R&D efforts while
leading the industrial development trend from the front with the most cutting edge technologies.
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