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Bottle Caps Branch
       As a professional bottle caps manufacturer, Suzhou Huayuan Packaging Co., Ltd. Bottle Caps Branch is equipped with high speed cap manufacturing equipment, capable of providing services to such industries as foods and beverages, condiments, fruits and vegetables based on its adequate production capacity, advanced caps-making technology and diversified product specifications. At Bottle Caps Branch, we especially attach importance to the production, research and development of export products, proactively participate in the preparation of the industrial standards, and closely watch the food safety home and abroad, so as to ensure the newly produced products meet the requirements of domestic and foreign food safety. 

Twist cap series products:
       Product main application: Supporting export products (asparagus, mushrooms and other vegetables products), condiment products, fruit products, beverage products, meat and fish products.
Product specifications: All types of twist-off caps, with diameter of 30mm to 110 mm, conform to QB/T1499-2000 standard, satisfying food safety requirements.

1. Twist-off caps:
       With excellent oxygen barrier property, twist-off caps are able to endure a prolonged life span, suitable for storing various kinds of hot and cold foods and beverages. Available for customers to choose from for twist-off caps comprise caps of various packaging shapes and forms such as stepped, concave-convex or with safety button, all of which are designed to enhance the visual appeal when displayed on the retail shelves.

2. Screw caps:
       With excellent sealing property, screw caps are able to endure a prolonged life span, suitable for being repeatedly opened and sealed off for re-usable storage containers such as glass bottles, cans or bottles or cans with continuous thread. The design of screw caps also allows longer contact duration for consumers to grasp the brand information printed on the containers when trying to open or seal off such screw caps.
       Screw caps can be applied to vacuum and non-vacuum packaging where the two-piece screw cap series products come with plural inner caps to be used to replace the outer caps once storage containers are firstly opened, thus ensuring the contents inside the storage containers are refrained from repeated contamination.  
       Being able to repeatedly keep contents in tight closure, such screw cap series products are ideal for homemade food storage.

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