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Chengdu Huayuan

 Established in June, 2006, Huayuan Tinplate-Printing & Tin-Making (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. covers over 35 acres of land which is situated in the state-level Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone. Through years of development, Chengdu Huayuan has gradually dominated the mid-west market, playing an important role in the market of industrial and decorative coating packaging. 
       Conveniently located in Longquanyi District constituting the main development area at the crore of Chengdu’s currently-implemented emerging south eastern district, Chengdu Huayuan site stands only 28 kilometers away from the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.

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  • 0512-63856788  Fax:0512-63852178
  • Address: No. 1948, Taowu Highway, Taoyuan Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

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