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Guangzhou Huayuan
       Established in March, 2008, Guangzhou Huayuan Tinplate-Printing & Tin-Making Co., Ltd. covers over 12,000 square meters of land for the plant site which is situated in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, the heartland of golden delta of Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao, with convenient transportation.
       Through years of development, Guangzhou Huayuan has continuously embraced the management essence of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, integrating every aspects of the experience in production, operation and management Guangzhou Huayuan has been accumulated over the years; thus enhancing the overall management level while providing more prompt services with better quality to customers in the South China. 

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  • Address: No. 1948, Taowu Highway, Taoyuan Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province

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